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Commercial - Studio

$416/monthPaid yearly ($4990)
  • Up to 90,000 credits per year

  • Over 50k resolution

  • JPG, RAW & EXR downloads

  • Team management platform

  • Commercial Use

  • Unlimited seats

  • 250 free assets /mo

  • Indemnity coverage

Commercial - Indie

$166/monthPaid yearly ($1990)
  • Up to 30,000 credits per year

  • Up to 36k resolution

  • JPG, RAW & EXR downloads

  • Team Management Platform

  • Commercial Use

  • Unlimited seats

  • 200 free assets /mo

  • Indemnity coverage

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MattePaint’s client engagement and fast response really sets them apart. Their understanding of the needs and challenges of high end VFX facilities is allowing them to set new standards for what constitutes a good 3rd party service.

Nick Marshall
Nick Marshall
Director Of Visual Effects, DNEG

MattePaint is pushing the boundaries of HDRI capture with ultra dynamic range and extremely high resolutions. The ability to select a time of day, the flexibility of a range of weather and the highest quality standards is rarely to be found anywhere else.

Sepp Sonntag
Sepp Sonntag
Virtual Art Department Supervisor, PIXOMONDO

10,000+ 50k HDRIs

Find the perfect shot, at any time of the day.

The world’s largest library of HDRI Skies, with over 10,000 HDRIs shot at 90 second intervals at 50,000px wide. This means every HDRI is suitable even 4k productions.

Finally, your artists can have complete control of precise elevation of the sun and exact cloud composition for your sequences.

10,000+ 50k HDRIs

Time saving features

The all-in-one solution for Studios.

Invite your artists to use MattePaint, intelligently assign credits to shows that need it. Assign supervisor roles and give your teams the flexibility and freedom to access what they need.

Invite team members

Add all your artists to our platform and assign credits where they’re needed.


Never run out of credits, get notified when certain events are triggered on your account.


Automatically rename asset downloads to match your internal pipeline requirements.

Multiple Teams

Give lighting, DMP and Concept art teams each their own access and credit allocations.

Team Roles

Promote artists to “supervisors” to give them more autonomy over the way their team can spend credits.


Run reports to find the total credits spent on a show, or export a full list of assets downloaded for copyright records.

Credit Allocations

Allocate teams and artists the credits they need for each production.

Audit Logs

Review all activity taken on your account.