• Academy Access

    Gain access to the MattePaint Academy training library. Learn the skills to get your first job as a professional artist, or level up your skills to become a mid level or senior artist! Connect your Discord account and gain access to an exclusive Academy group in the MattePaint Discord server.

  • Credits

    Credits can be used to purchase and download assets from the MattePaint Library. The cost is determined by the resolution and file-type purchased. Unused credits will remain on your account for 6 months

  • Average image cost

    A 4k asset costs approximately 50 credits. This plan will provide your team with approximately 8 4k assets each Month. Most Assets under 4k will be free to purchase on this plan. Assets purchased in the last 12 months are free to re-download. When you purchase a higher resolution version, you only pay the difference in price.

License Terms

  • Single seat use

    This plan is for individual use by students, freelancers and self-employed artists. This plan permits use of MattePaint Assets by artists at a single geographical location

  • Commercial-Use Eligibility

    Commercial use is only permitted for those individuals with less than USD$100,000 annual revenue or funds raised. If you exceed this amount you must purchase one of our commercial plans. MattePaint reserves the right to assess your most recent annual business report to verify any income claims.

  • No account sharing

    Sharing your account or assets purchased with other individuals or businesses, is strictly prohibited.

Artist Plus Monthly

Personal License

For individuals or freelancers under $100k USD funding or yearly turnover. Single seat license.

  • Up to 4,800 credits a year

  • 8k max resolution

  • 50 free assets a month

  • JPG & RAW downloads

  • Commercial License

Our Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it

“MattePaint provides great material and finding what you need is a breeze thanks to intuitive search filters. A must for all matte painters”

Christo Crafford
Matte Painter @ Mill Film

“MattePaint is an inspiration and key resource for industry professionals and entry level artists!”

Santa Norvaisaite
Freelance Concept Artist

“Mattepaint is probably the most extensive library of high resolution images you can use for any kind of artwork”

Quentin Pointillart
Art Director

“MattePaint is a must-have tool if you want to work faster.”

Nicolas Plazannet
Matte Painter @ MPC

“Thank you for building this amazing community! The assets have inspired me to the next level. Amazing team, great tutorials... everything is amazing!”

Yung Sheng Tseng
Matte Painter @ Luma Pictures

“Amazing for real, all the content you put on the MattePaint is gold! I have watched bunch of the interview and read some articles, they are really great.”

Paul Roman
Matte Painting Student

“These challenges are the best motivation I've found in this lockdown, wish I had found it sooner!”

Lasma Zeimule
Matte Painting Student

“Great quality, great quantity, great community, I check every day in the morning like having a coffee. An excellent source of inspiration.”

Victor Pks
Matte Painting Student

“VFX artists rarely get a consistent set of reference images, which results in a lot unnecessary hard work to make it all fit. MattePaint solves that!”

Dax Pandhi
Founder, Quadspinner

“I want to hug the people who created this, its everything I ever wanted in an image reference site”

Emma Wittwer
Matte Painter @ Boulder Media

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