Build Your World.

Experience full access to our images, and see for yourself why entire industries rely on MattePaint today.

Artist Lite Lite

  • 200 credits/mo
  • 1200px Sample images
  • Academy Access
  • 1 Exposure Level
$ 12 /month

Artist Plus Plus

  • 400 credits/mo
  • 1600px Sample images*
  • Academy Access
  • 1 Exposure Level
$ 19 /month

Artist Pro Pro

  • 800 credits/mo
  • 1600px Sample images*
  • Academy Access
  • Access all Exposures
  • 2hrs of 1-on-1 mentoring*
$ 29 /month
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Working with a studio or team?

Are you in a Team or Studio? Check out our Studio licenses which include our team management platform to ensure you get the best out of MattePaint.

Extended Studio License

The MattePaint Academy

Thrive in our community and engage meaningfully with other artists. Accelerate your skills through the MattePaint Academy.

Discord Community

Engage and connect with other artists in a meaningful way. Join our discord community and become part of the Tribe!

1-on-1 Mentoring

Take your art to the next level. Book a mentoring session with one of our industry professionals.

Live Feedback Sessions

Hosted twice a week, join us on Twitch and Discord as we review the latest work submitted by artists in the Academy.

Organic Learning

Learn at your own pace and learn what is relevant to you. Our Library grows based on your requests!

Jacob Scamell

Personal Plans.

For individuals under $100k USD funding or yearly turnover.

Prices are showing *All prices are in USD
Yearly Monthly


  • Monthly credits

  • 200
  • 400
  • 800
  • Avg. cost per credit

  • $
  • $
  • $
  • Rollover credits

  • Up to 2000 credits
  • Up to 4000 credits
  • Free 1600px Images / Day

    *1200px with monthly plans
  • 10
  • 20
  • 30

Additional Features

  • MattePaint Academy

    Access Tutorials, Courses, Mentoring, Live sessions and more!

  • Premium Image Packs

    Unlock all images inside an image pack as a MattePaint Subscriber

  • HDR & RAW

    Download the RAW and HDR versions when needed

  • Private collections

    Create your own collections of images for future reference

  • Full Range of Exposures

    Access the full range of exposures of every photo from -2EV to +2EV

Enjoy More Features

  • Golden Ticket

    Unlock any Academy video for free using your Golden Ticket

  • Top-Ups

    Easily Top-Up your account when you need it

  • Download History

    View your download history and re-download purchased images at no additional costs.

  • Discounted Download Upgrades

    Purchase the higher-resolution version of your images, discounted based on credits already spent.

Prices are showing *All prices are in USD
Yearly Monthly
Artist Lite Lite
$ 12

per month

Artist Plus Plus

per month

Artist Pro Pro

per month

Frequently Asked Questions.

What Subscription Is Right For Me?

If you're not sure, we recommend an Artist-Plus subscription for new users as it comes with all features, Academy access and rollover of credits. If you need more credits, you can always upgrade.

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What Payment Methods Do You Offer?

We support the following payment methods:
Credit Card / Debit Card / PayPal

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Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes, we work with educational institutions and freelance educators to create tailored offerings and discounts for students.

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Do I keep my unused credits

Yes, unused credits will roll over to the next month with Artist-Plus and Artist-Pro plans. Your accrued credits will remain active even if you decide to cancel your plan.

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Can I use your materials in my Film / Animation / Game

Yes, using our images in these projects is allowed when the end product constitutes a new copyrighted Work. This means using our images in Stock Videos are not allowed.

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Will you help promote me and my work to Studios?

Yes, our primary focus with the MattePaint Academy is to get our students into the industry. We are regularly in contact with studios and recruiters and are constantly working with them to fill positions.

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How do we compare?

Lowest Prices, Highest Quality.

  • MattePaint

    $0.65 USD / image

    Based on 1yr Pro subscription
  • Adobe Stock

    $2.65 USD / image

  • Shutterstock

    $2.90 USD / image

  • iStockPhoto

    $2.90 USD / image

You're in great company

MattePaint’s library has been used by thousands of happy companies and customers and helped shape the look of some of the biggest films and tv shows of the last year.

  • FuseFX
  • Animal Logic
  • Framestore
  • MPC: Motion Picture Company
  • Mr.X
  • Blur Studios
  • Mill Film
  • Digic Pictures
  • Technicolor
  • Double Negative
  • Scanline VFX

Scaled for Teams and Studios.

One subscription across multiple sites and teams. Intelligently manage teams, credits and downloading.

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Build Your World.

Experience full access to our images, and see for yourself why entire industries rely on MattePaint today.

Ayan Chakraborty