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From high-quality previs and virtual productions to final renders, MattePaint is forging a new era of storytelling through high resolution, quality reference photography.

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Revitalize your entire production process.

Whether you're a director, producer, cinematographer, set designer, VFX artist, or working in any other department in film and TV production, you can benefit from introducing MattePaint into your process.

Extensive Background in film and television.

Founded on a background of decades of experience in Visual Effects working with top productions, our team is focused on developing best-in-class features in collaboration with the biggest names in the industry. Our goal is to deliver total creative freedom for directors, artists and cinematographers.

Extensive Background in film and television

Premasked Images, RAW and 32bit Linear EXRs.

From concept phases through to final renders, Mattepaint provides start-to-finish efficiencies for all departments. Free masked PNG’s allow the Art Department to quickly create concepts with the confidence that RAW versions are ready for Matte Painters and linear 32bit floating-point EXRs available for any 3D or compositing work.

Premasked Images, RAW and 32bit Linear EXRs

50k HDRI’s suitable For Backplates and IBL’s.

Whether it be a 4k show, or a feature environment, ever increasing delivery requirements are pushing limits of many HDRIs. MattePaint HDRI sequences are captured in 5 minute intervals at 50k resolution with best-in-class dynamic range. With Studio License you can download our entire sequence library at 2k for ultimate creative choice in shot and environment design.

50k HDRI’s suitable For Backplates and IBL’s
Nick Marshall Head Of Environments, DNEG
“ This is the reference website we have been dreaming of for the past decade. ”

Accellerating VFX Pipelines.

MattePaint has been collaborating deeply with many of the biggest visual effects studios around the world to develop a unique platform workflow purpose-built for post-production pipelines. Experience our management platform and get your team up and running in minutes.

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The world of Film & Television.

You want your artists to spend less time searching for reference material and more time on their craft. MattePaint's extensive library of photos helps them do just that. Our management platform enables production staff to keep up to date on spending and manage costs across constantly evolving shows.

  • Concept Art to Final Production

  • Complete Production Management

Masked images, RAW and 32bit Exr's

Each Commerical Site License includes 25 free images per day for your concept art teams or early DMP blocking. Work quickly with these images, with trust that the RAW or Linear EXR versions are available for the final delivery.

Access the world's largest collection of purpose shot VFX reference.

Create Inspiring Worlds.

Give your creative team access to the world’s leading photo reference library and inspire the world with award-winning work.

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