MattePaint has strived to be inclusive at every opportunity, we understand our community get their reference photography from multiple sources and this has always been acceptable to us in our competitions and challenges. We have allowed our amazing community to use any photography they have legally purchased from other providers. Unfortunately, at the request of, photography purchased on their site can no longer be eligible for use in MattePaint Contests and Challenges.

To those in our community who are upset that this breaks the terms and conditions of your copyright license through your purchase with Photobash, we hear you. We suggest you file a complaint with them directly via this link.

Our goal is to foster creativity and nurture artist skills. We believe prohibiting users from using other providers is unproductive but we also don't want to cause unnecessary hassle.

Please note, use of photography from other providers such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and other Gumroad providers is still permitted.