The Digital Universes MattePaint Contest Finalists!

Ladies and Gentleman; We are so excited to announce the finalists for the Digital Universes #mattepaintcontest!

The Digital Universes MattePaint Contest Finalists!

The Digital Universes #mattepaintcontest was a contest hosted by MattePaint. that tasked artists around the world to create a photo-realistic environment DMP using MattePaint assets.  It spanned the entire month of September, with 3 Weekly Challenges to push and test the artistic talent of contestants.  

We were BLOWN AWAY at the entries we saw for the #mattepaintcontest and it has been an unbelievable challenge to pick the finalists!

As our Judges make their final deliberations to Pick our Grand Prize Winners we wanted to express how lucky we are to have had so many amazing entries and so much talent within our Community!!

We will be announcing our Grand Prize Winners in a matter of days, and apologize for the small delay in doing so!  Our judges have been buried under the weight of such talent and so many fantastic entries that it has taken a little longer than expected; but rest assured we will be announcing the winners ASAP!

Congratulations to our Finalists, and to everyone who entered the #mattepaintcontest!  We love and appreciate you all so much!

Wagner Lima
Satyaki Sakar
Rafael Falconi
Pierre-Alexandre Rabou
Pengyu Zhang
Nitin Kale
Michaela Maria Wartbichler
Mark Traf
Juan Ramos
Jorge Tobar
Gregory Smith
Felipe Rio Branco
Dumindu Hearath
Ayan Chakraborty
Alexandre Vieira
Alexander Sebag
Akateva Veronika
Ajinkya Lad

‌‌Through the entire month of September we saw an unbelievable amount of Community engagement revolving around the #mattepaintcontest and we are so grateful to have embarked on this journey together!  

At all times, our major focus and core goal at Mattepaint is to foster and nurture creativity, learning and artistic progression and what we saw in September in this regard was unprecedented.  

The comments, critiques, feedback, and hints and tips that we saw flow through our Facebook community alone was amazing and the progression that we saw through certain entries was truly inspiring and we Thank-you all for your amazing contributions.  

Stay tuned and get excited to see the Grand Prize Winners announced!

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We have a TONNE of really exciting things coming your way with Challenges and contests, so be sure to stay in the know by joining our Community and signing up to our Forums!  There are so many upcoming opportunities to flex that creative muscle again and take home some great loot as a result!