Conrad Allan looks at the Winning Entries of the Digital Universes #mattepaintcontest and why they won

The Visions of Tomorrow #mattepaintcontest is steam rolling along, and we've seen some amazing concepts and ideas coming from the Community and the competition is heating up!  With just under two weeks left in the contest and entries starting to take shape, Conrad Allan sits down and talks us through the Three winning entries from the previous Digital Universes contest and why they won.  

All of the Finalist entries from the Digital Universes #maintpaintcontest were stunning, and each showed fantastic skill and an end result but it was Nitin Kale, Satyaki Sarkar and Mark Traf that rose to the top of the competition and Conrad Allan talks us through it.

As well as discussing the techniques and elements that were used effectively, Conrad Allan talks about what worked in the winning entries, what could have been improved and why Nitin's entry was named the 1st Prize Winner.  This is a really great way to learn what our Judges are looking for in your Visions of Tomorrow entry and everyone who is competing in the current #mattepaintcontest will learn a lot from watching this short 20 minute video.

"The birds in the foreground, they do add to the composition and the overall feel, but if we turn those off...the whole piece still stands, and that's something you need to keep in mind."

Check out the Winners Review Video and head over to our Forums and our Community Page to share your feedback and discuss what you are working on.  

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