The film and VFX industry, characterized by continuous innovation, derives its strength from the combination of artistic creativity and cutting-edge technology. The quest for high-quality assets, capable of bringing visions to life, has frequently posed a formidable challenge.

Born within the heart of the industry, our primary objective at MattePaint is to eliminate these challenges by creating a specialized platform tailored to meet the unique needs of VFX experts.

Addressing the specific needs of VFX

In the world of VFX, security, accessibility, and flexibility are the real MVPs. As Studios juggle the requirements of creating mind-blowing visuals while keeping data secured, finding reference materials can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. At MattePaint, we empathize with this problem, and that's exactly why we've shaped our platform with these priorities in mind.

Security First

Going beyond just safeguarding data, our minimal reliance on third-party plugins in conjunction with a fortified login system ensures your creative flow remains unhindered and helps studios easily integrate our service into their pipeline with minimal friction.

All that is required to gain full access to MattePaint through the Studio firewalls is the whitelisting of a single domain;


IP whitelisting is offered as an additional measure to enhance security by restricting platform access to authorized locations only. In case of compatibility issues with the third-party elements we utilize, the domain can also be used to minimize these problems.

We have implemented a strict policy against any form of uploading on our platform, a measure put in place to significantly diminish the risk of inadvertent or unauthorized data uploads. This stringent policy safeguards the data of Studios, ensuring TPN and MPAA compliance can easily be maintained.

Unified Management

Our dashboard provides an analytic lens and powerful user management, offering insights into multi-site logins and granular details like artist expenditures, downloads and activity, synthesising both convenience and control.

No longer will your teams be fighting over credits. Each Team and Artist account can be given their own credit allowance. Check out our management dashboard overview for more:

Simple Credit System

We've revamped how we handle credits, making it super easy to see where the money goes. This keeps things clear, efficient, and manageable, so studios can stay on budget without any unexpected costs but still have the freedom to explore our resources.

Through the management system outlined above, Teams can easily be assigned a fixed number of credits for the whole Production, or on a regular basis per month, or per week.

Streamlining Asset Management & Licensing

We understand the challenges that come with managing assets in a big project with multiple teams, not to mention the licensing headaches on top of this. With MattePaint, we tailor our management and licensing approach to be as simple and transparent for the industry.

  • Freedom with Licensing: By allowing studios to incorporate assets without extra costs, we're eliminating bureaucratic hassles and fostering faster project completions.
  • Flexible Asset Downloads: Our asset re-download feature underscores our commitment to the evolving nature of VFX projects, ensuring that changes in vision or scope don't come with added costs.
  • Shared Assets for Teams: This feature promotes teamwork and ensures cohesive vision realization across projects, further aiding in streamlined project management.
  • Sourcing in RAW: Our RAW file format offerings serve as the bedrock for creations that demand the pinnacle of quality and

While we may have the most streamlined licensing available, it is still a complex topic. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to our Licensing Team and we'll be happy to help!

The Driving Force Behind MattePaint

  • Technological Adaptability: Our infrastructure ensures adaptability to future industry shifts and provide a seamless platform for studios to source and management their assets without the headache of technical implementations.
  • Scaling and Quality Control: As our asset library continues to expand, we've introduced rigorous quality control measures to effectively manage this scale while upholding the highest-quality standards. Our approach to storage, metadata management, and AI integration creates a synergistic effect, allowing us to grow our volume while simultaneously enhancing the quality of our assets.

Redefining Standards with MattePaint’s HDRI's

Our commitment to excellence is epitomized in our unique collection of 50k 360-degree time-lapse HDRI's. These aren't just images; they’re moments captured in unparalleled detail. As we strive to enhance the temporal granularity of our HDRI's, artists can look forward to even more vivid, moment-to-moment recreations of the world.

Explore over 10,000 HDRIs in our library or download every single HDRI at 2k resolution completely free.

MattePaint is all about celebrating the VFX community. We've combined the features that VFX artists really need, with the latest technology, to create an amazing toolkit for artists worldwide.

Whether you're looking for reference images or downloading resources, we're here to make your creative journey better. So, dive in, find the perfect asset, and let every project shine!