"Perspective Repeat" with Conrad Allan and the MattePaint Academy

Conrad shows us a pro-tip on how you can easily and quickly repeat objects into the distance while respecting their change in perspective!

"Perspective Repeat" with Conrad Allan and the MattePaint Academy

As we enter the second half of January and 2020 rolls on, it's time to pack up the Christmas decorations and look to what you can achieve at the start of this new Decade!  

So you've finally finished all of the Turkey leftovers, the extended family visits have concluded and a new Year and Decade are here; and you're ready to hit the ground running with leveling up your skills.  So what's the best way to hit it hard and fast?  The MattePaint Academy should be your first stop as it's chock full of amazing Video Tutorials and advice as well as feedback and helpful hints from an array of Professional artists and industry Pros!  With access to the Video Tutorial Library and exclusive access to the Academy Group and Discord Channel you are sure to find everything you need and more.  Speak directly with professionals working on Blockbuster Movies and Games, learn from the best, and turn your VFX dreams into reality.  

For 2020, we are Amping up the Academy and are bringing a HUGE amount of industry secrets, tutorials and resources on how to run with the Pro's and solidify yourself in the VFX industry. To kick things off and get you folks learning and burning, we are sharing one of our Exclusive Academy Access Tutorials with you all right here!  Check out the super helpful (for beginners and pro's alike) video from our Academy page on "Perspective Repeat" and how to really quickly and effectively achieve this technique. Demonstrated by our CEO; Conrad talks us through his technique for achieving perfect repeating perspective.

It's an incredibly useful tool to just bash out; especially if you are doing concept work or just layout and blocking..'  
Conrad Allan walks us through Repeating Perspective efficiently and effectively

In many instances of Matte Painting you are required to create repeating elements that scale due to the increasing distance of the perspective.  Through the use of a helpful "Transform" shortcut, the guesswork of matching the perspective is removed while greatly increasing the efficiency in which you can achieve the desired result.  

Check out the Tutorial Video and head over to our Forums and our Community Page to share your feedback and show off your new found skill.  Stay tuned for more helpful content, videos and techniques that have placed many of our Users into Industry Jobs and Careers!

The MattePaint Academy is a resource tailored specifically to teaching aspiring DMP artists how to Level up their skills quickly and efficiently and land them in a Job of a lifetime!  For Full Access to the Academy, all you need is an Artist-Plus or Artist-Pro Subscription so head over and grab one now and start your Career Path on the right track!