Upcoming Changes to MattePaint Subscriptions.

We're improving the plans at MattePaint, see what's changing on August 1st!

Upcoming Changes to MattePaint Subscriptions.

With the MattePaint 4.0 release out of the way, we have been finalizing a new structure for MattePaint plans. This update paves the way for upcoming products, releases and another big update coming later in the year which will overhaul the credit system and majorly simplify the experience.

So, onto what's changing!

Pricing Changes

Let's get the biggest question out of the way first. As announced earlier this year, our plan prices will be increasing as of August 1st. The upcoming prices are below.

  • Artist-Lite will be increasing to $19 per month
  • Artist-Plus will be increasing to $29 per month
  • Artist-Pro will be increasing to $49 per month
  • If you already have a plan prior to August 1st your price will not change

We are also introducing the monthly credit rollover to our Artist-Lite plan with a cap of 1000 credits. If you're unfamiliar with this feature, it means you will keep your unused monthly credits up to this limit, allowing you to spend them in future.

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Yearly Billing Bonuses

When you choose to pay yearly, you'll get 20% more credits each month! This feature is live now, so you can take advantage of it before pricing changes take effect!

New Concept Assets

The new concept assets are here already and available to all subscriptions to download. These assets are perfect for quick concepts and are either free, or just 1 credit! Here's the deets:

  • 1600px JPG (free)
  • 2000px PNG Cutouts (1 credit)
  • Full-res Alpha mask (1 credit)

Each personal plan comes with a daily allocation of concept assets, so make sure to use them as best you can!

For Businesses
The allocation of concept assets for business subscriptions is changing from a daily limit to a monthly limit. This means a Studio plan will change from 25 sample downloads per day, to 750 per month and Indie plans receive 300! This allocation does not rollover to the next month.
Through our enterprise management dashboard, studios are able to control exactly how these are spent across their teams and members. We're excited to see how this impacts your workflows, in particular the concept art departments.

Assets under 3k (coming soon)

As we continue to add more, high-resolution assets, we will be making all assets under 3k, free with our Plus and Pro subscriptions! These assets will count towards the daily free allocation.

All Academy Tutorials Will Be Unlocked

The new update makes all MattePaint Academy tutorials free to watch on any subscription! This means for just $19/mo on the Artist-Lite plan, you can access and learn as much as you want from one of the best VFX specialized training resources available!

RAW and EXR formats

Get access to the new Multi-resolution RAW and EXR downloads with an Artist-Plus (RAW Access) or Artist-Pro plan (RAW & EXR).

If you're not sure if you'll need the EXR format then you probably don't! We recommend getting an Artist-Plus plan as the benefits of the Multi-Resolution RAW are huge and you can always upgrade to Pro if you need more credits!

This restriction does not apply to the HDRI downloads, more on that below.


We are increasing the maximum resolution HDRI's available on each plan with this new update. Below is are the details of the resolution increase for each plan:

  • Artist-Lite will be increasing to 8,000px Max Resolution
  • Artist-Plus will be increasing to 16,000px Max Resolution
  • Artist-Pro remains at its current 24,000px Max Resolution
Currently Artist-Lite and Artist-Plus are limited to 4k and 8k respectively so this updated doubles the biggest size you can download on these plans! We hope it will allow more artists to experiment and create unique artwork with the high resolution benefits of our HDRI sequences.

These new resolution limits will be rolling out in August and will apply to all subscriptions, regardless of your sign-up date.

All Business plans will remain as they are currently with Studio plans receiving full access and Indie plans able to access up to 36k resolution.

Asset Max-Resolution

The same logic from the HDRI's is coming to our main assets. This change is the result of analysis of over 3 years of data across all our customers. We expect you'll find minimal impact on your workflow since all our assets are available at multiple resolutions!

This new update will help us to improve the service in the long term while also giving us a better indication of what resolution assets the community needs most.

That's all for now!

The MattePaint Team