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As a free add on to anyone with an Artist-Plus or Artist-Pro plan, the MattePaint Academy allows you to see into how the industry professionals do what they do.  The tips and tricks displayed in the Academy Videos are tried and true and are a great way to quickly get your head around widely used and implemented techniques in the VFX world.  

This week in the Academy, Conrad shares one of his most valued and frequently used tricks and shows us how he super quickly and easily Auto Blends Layers!

Conrad's Auto blend process is derived from a technique that is often used by Photographers to stitch images together from the same location, however Conrad talks us through how to utilize this process to blend images from different locations and create one seamless image.  It's a great way to speed up your Workflow and achieve fantastic results with none of the time required to blend layers normally.    

Check out a preview of the video below and head over to our Forums and our Community Facebook group to share your feedback and show off your new found skillz!

Stay tuned for more helpful content, videos and techniques that have helped many of our Academy students into Industry Jobs and Careers!

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