New Academy Site + "Relighting Images" Tutorial

Check out our new Academy Site and Learn all you need to know about relighting images, creating shadow passes, ambient occlusion passes and repainting complex shadows!

New Academy Site + "Relighting Images" Tutorial
The MattePaint Academy is the ultimate resource for the budding Matte Painter and Digital Artist!

As a free add on to anyone with an Artist-Plus or Artist-Pro plan, the MattePaint Academy allows you to see into how the industry professionals do what they do.  The tips and tricks displayed in the Academy Videos are tried and true and are a great way to quickly get your head around widely used and implemented techniques in the VFX world.

Along with all of the improvements and changes that we are bringing to MattePaint, we are really excited to announce that our new Academy Site is live and ready for you to explore!  We've added a tonne of new features as well as a slick new design and UI to make learning with Conrad Allan and the MattePaint Academy as easy and enjoyable as possible. Jump in and have a look around!

Check out the new Academy Site!

Along with the roll out of our new Academy Site, we are keeping the educational entertainment flowing with an excellent new Video on Relighting Images with Jeevan.

Jeevan shows us in detail, how to relight a photo to match a Key Light, a task that is often frustrating and time consuming to achieve.  

Check out the intro below and head over to our Forum and our Community Facebook group to share your feedback and show off your new found skillz!


Creating Custom Brushes

Below is a short extract from the Relighting Images tutorial. It covers how to quickly create a brush to use for the shadow pass to make the shadows feel more organic and teaches you a new skill in less than 2 minutes! Check it out.

Check out the full Academy library!

The MattePaint Academy is a resource tailored specifically to teaching aspiring DMP artists how to Level up their skills quickly and efficiently and land them in a Job of a lifetime!  For Full Access to the Academy, all you need is an Artist-Plus or Artist-Pro Subscription so head over and grab one now and start your Career Path on the right