Looking to up your skill and fast-track your pathway to the VFX industry?

Join our Academy and get 1-on-1 mentoring from several of the industry's most prominent Matte Painting veterans.

There are 4 VFX industry mentors who are there to assist and provide feedback. We're also adding videos with tips and tricks and hosting live sessions and art analysis!

The Academy includes:

  • ❤ 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  • ✍ Quick Tips videos
  • 🎓 Challenges
  • 🎬 Live Streams
  • 🎨 Personal Feedback
  • 😳 Mock interviews
  • 🎬 Resume/Reel Reviews
  • 🔏 Private Discord Section

What is The Academy?

The Academy is an organic learning group provided for free to anyone with an Artist-Pro Subscription to MattePaint.

It is primarily run by Conrad Allan, a co-founder of MattePaint with 10 years experience in environments and matte painting. He has worked on shows such as Logan, Thor, Game Of Thrones, Assassin's Creed, Independence Day, and more.

Remember, access is free with an Artist-Pro subscription!

You can find a LOT of content online, both paid and free, on how to create amazing artwork. So the MattePaint Academy focuses on how to get an entry level job and how to nail the technical aspects to a VFX production level. So far we have directly placed over 20 artists in matte painting positions.

Why do we take this approach?

The reality is, VFX Studios aren't expecting you to create hero matte paintings in your first job, they're hiring for a junior position. They want someone who understands the basics of matte painting. So, the Academy focuses on teaching the technical skills a junior will be expected to know. We make sure artists are the absolute FASTEST around at those tasks. This is what will get you the job.

That said, our Academy students do create some amazing work, just check out some of their work below!

Main Features

Self Driven

Artists post their work and receive feedback in video form or markups. Much like our public community group, but we spend a lot more time and effort on Academy feedback.

Similarly, the knowledge we share is mostly driven by what questions are asked in the Academy. So if you are having trouble with the curves tool, let us know! We'll record a video to help you out with the specific technique you're trying to achieve. These videos are then shared with the Academy group everyone to learn.

Personal Feedback

Get personal feedback in the form of a video paint-over. This is an extension of the above, when someone requests it we take their PSD, dive in and have a look at what they could have improved!

Open Office

These are 30min slots that anyone in the Academy can book with Conrad. Depending on his availability, he has sessions available throughout the week! These sessions are not recorded you can discuss anything you wish; resume's, showreels, a specific technique, etc.

Live Streams

Typical live stream stuff! We haven't done too many in recent months but previous sessions are all uploaded on the video section of the academy.


These are typically 2 weeks long, We select a particular technique and briefing for each challenge. They're mixed in levels too, sometimes it's simple plate clean up and a bit of augmentation other times it's turning a concept into a matte painting like this video below!

Turning a concept into MattePainting


This is a video series where we take a finished shot from a film reverse the process and edits. This usually works best on technical pieces and will give you a great understanding of what goes into the work you see in the cinemas.

Mock Interviews

Whenever an artist has an interview coming up, we encourage them book a mock interview with Conrad. This is a 45min call where Conrad will play as the interviewer at the studio. With his experience in the industry he'll be able to help you get used to the idea of interviewing and give you feedback on where you can improve.

These sessions are recorded so the artist can listen back. Also with their permission we post the interview in the Academy for others to learn from too.

Get an Artist-Pro plan from as little as $13.50 USD a month!

Have any questions?

Shoot through an email to academy@mattepaint.com for more information

MattePaint Academy Videos

The list of video tutorials includes:

  • Window lights at night
  • Vanishing Point Tool
  • Realistic Reflections
  • Photoshop Settings 101
  • Photoshop Artboards How-to
  • Perspective Repeat
  • Non Destructive Blur
  • Masking Complex Objects
  • Halfway to Black Exercise
  • Fixing Masked Edges
  • Dynamic Masking
  • Deconstructing Light
  • Content Aware Fill
  • Colour Matching
  • And more!

Join over 100 Artists in the Academy today!

The Academy is also our testing grounds for new features on MattePaint too. The group is very much welcomed into the family of MattePaint and we are overly transparent with them. This is because we want the artists to feel part of our family, and feel that they're contributing to the direction we head in while at the same time we're helping them become better artists.

Feature Image credit: James Vincent