Image Packs Have Arrived

Image Packs are here! Hugely Discounted packs of 50-100 Images tailored and curated to Concept Artists and Matte Painters!

Image Packs Have Arrived

We recently launched 8 new image packs!

Pack Details

  • Discounted 80–90%!
  • 100–500 credits each
  • 50–100 images in each pack
  • Up to 16k wide
  • Curated for Concept Artists and Matte Painters.

Each pack ranges from 50–100 images at various resolutions up to 16k (120mp). Since we have many images we could include, we decided to curate the most diverse images in our library to add to our packs. This way, if you’re interested in more of a particular image, there are plenty more available in our gallery to choose from.

We plan on releasing a new pack every month. We have over 100,000 Images in our backlog so if we can release them faster, you bet we will. Make sure you sign up (link at the end of the article) for a free account and you’ll be notified whenever a new pack goes online.

The initial list of packs we’re launching today

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Why Packs & Why now?

Many of our users have asked about image packs. It’s pretty much an industry standard behavior; provide hundreds of images in downloadable packs for $5–20 each. The problem with packs is they’re usually too large for what you need and then need to be stored on a HDD and taken everywhere you might need them. Though, the bigger problem is that, over time and as you grow your library of packs, the images become difficult to search and categorize.

This is the reason we didn’t release packs initially. Why store the images on your machine when you can have them online, available at all times and with an ever improving search functionality.
But, many of our users have asked for small packs and after some time and research we have come to the best size and price of the packs.

The future of packs

We’re not stopping here. We have plans to expand packs to help artists even more. Often, learning from other artists is a great way to improve, particularly if you have the source materials they used. We’ll be expanding these packs to include cover art created by our community and will include the PSD, and a small guide on recreating the work.

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