becomes part of the MattePaint Family!

With sadness, we farewell the faithful, which held the banner of our craft for over 15 years. becomes part of the MattePaint Family!

To all the refugees of, welcome.

We are personally saddened by the closing of the iconic website as it was a resource that helped so many (including me), over the last 15+ years. As time keeps moving forward, it was clear the art community not longer engaged with a forum-like approach and the crew behind the domain decided it was time to say farewell.

"MattePaint is the best fit for the future of the domain." ~

While talking with about the domain purchase, we expressed our interest in keeping the forum and gallery content online in some form so that future and present artists could look through the archives of images and conversations to learn from and potentially continue to engage with. Unfortunately, this simply wasn't possible.

All is not lost, however, as we have a thriving community on Discord which is open to everyone and easy to join! Within the Discord server you'll find plenty of varying topics, disciplines and even challenges to engage with.

Join the MattePaint Community Discord Server!
Check out the MattePaint Community community on Discord - hang out with 1,518 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

For the uninitiated, Discord is like an ongoing conversation with friends, similar to the days of IRC. It's a fantastic way to feel connected with other like-minded artists, get feedback and hang out - especially while COVID restrictions force so many to work remotely.

So for one last time, we raise our glass to Thank you for your continued service to the craft and for holding the banner for so many years. For those who are just stumbling upon the news, you are welcomed with open arms in our community, come say hello!


Conrad Allan
MattePaint Head of Product

What is MattePaint?

MattePaint is the industry leader in reference photography for artists and studios. Over 10,000 users in the Visual Effects and Film, Games, Architecture and Design rely on MattePaint to deliver on the next generation visuals for customers.

With 50,000px HDRI skies, a library of photography from around the world shot in RAW, Image Packs and more, MattePaint is a one-stop shop reference library.

Check out some of the main areas of MattePaint for yourself:

MattePaint | The highest quality reference photography for artists, architecture, visual effects, film and games.
The highest quality reference photography for artists, architecture, visual effects, film and games.
Our Main Reference Library
Skies - Hdri Backplates Photographs
Skies - Hdri Backplates Photographs available on
Sky Backplates to fit any artwork!
Image Packs | Copyright Free High-Res Image Packs for Artists
Download the MattePaint High Resolution Image Packs!
Discounted Image Packs for bulk downloaders!
MattePaint Academy
Training materials from VFX industry professionals! Get personal, 1-on-1, mentoring and join the community of aspiring artists!
Academy training for all levels of artists
Sequenced 360º HDRI 50k Panomaras
Unobstructed HDRI sky’s await your next project. Shot at 50k resolution and at 2-3 minute intervals and with best-in-class dynamic range.
Sequenced 360° HDRI Skies!