Week 3 Challenge "Dystopia" Sept 15-22

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Welcome to week 3 of the Digital Universes Competition!

Surely week 3's theme needs no introduction! Have a look at the images below and get started.
This week we’ve included a mixed set of images to compliment the images we've already given out and to go along with the theme below.

Images included are from Dubrovnic - the iconic location of ​King's Landing​ from Game of Thrones! There’s a bunch of castles from all around the world and a mix bag of city shots!

Read the full briefing and Contest rules in the announcement post

Week 3 Brief


? Wk 3 submissions are due Sept 22 11:59 pm UTC

The theme for this week is Dystopia! Show us your pessimistic visions of the future! During this week, focus on technique, we want to see your ability to integrate and combine images together into a final image. Start thinking about your final submission and all the final touches you want to apply!

Remember to share your progress and get feedback from the community. This is how Leonardo Dentico won first place in our last contest!

This challenge is all about finesse and fine details, don't go crazy with the environment, create a simple environment and demonstrate your skills in colour, perspective, composition, etc.

This is the final challenge week of the #mattepaintcontest so get amongst it while you can!

Example of technique focused dystopian matte painting by Alex Golovchenko

As mentioned in the announcement article these weekly challenges come with 2 prizes!

? 1st Place - MattePaint 3-month Artist-Pro Subscription with access to the MattePaint Academy!
? 2nd Place - MattePaint 1-month Artist-Pro Subscription with access to the MattePaint Academy!

We hope you enjoy the images this week. The pack is a little smaller than previous weeks as we wanted to release the biggest packs earlier in the month. Remember to start thinking about your month submission as there's only 2 weeks left before they're due!
Below are a few of the images to help you this week!

Grand Prize

Remember you can also use these images for your grand prize contest entry! The grand prize does not have a theme, so it's up to you. Each week we'll be revealing more free sets of images!

#MattePaintContest Sept 1-31

If you have any questions, please send them to Competitions@MattePaint.com

Good Luck!

The MattePaint Team

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