Week 2 Challenge "Aerials" Sept 8-15

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Welcome to week 2 of the Digital Universes Competition!

Thank you to all those who submitted to the first week on the contest! The entries we received were amazing!  We're super excited to see what you all cook up for this week. Once again we've got another huge pack of images below for free!

Remember, each week we are releasing a new set of images along with the weekly art briefing below. These weekly challenges are intended to kick start and fuel your creative engines for the grand prize and as exercises that challenge a specific technique like grading, 3D integration or composition.

Read the full briefing and Contest rules in the announcement post

Week 2 Brief


? Week 2 submissions are due Sept 15 12:00am UTC

Aerials is our week 2 theme. For this week, we encourage you to keep exploring different ideas, in the below examples you can see that an "aerial" artwork can be anything from high-ground to space! So go forth and explore lots of ideas.

Don't get stuck in one idea! Share your ideas in the community and get feedback on which ones are the most promising.  Our community is an invaluable resource for artists looking for feedback and improvement!

To recap, this weekly challenge comes with 2 prizes!

? 1st Place - MattePaint 3-month Artist-Pro Subscription with access to the MattePaint Academy!
? 2nd Place - MattePaint 1-month Artist-Pro Subscription with access to the MattePaint Academy!

Get started now remember to send your submission in by September 15 if you're submitting for the weekly prize!
Below is a preview of a few of the images released this week!

Grand Prize

Remember you can also use these images for your grand prize contest entry! The grand prize does not have a theme, so it's up to you. Each week we'll be revealing more free sets of images!

#MattePaintContest Sept 1-31

If you have any questions, please send them to Competitions@MattePaint.com

Good Luck!

The MattePaint Team

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