Week 1 Challenge "Lost in the wild" Sept 1-8

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Welcome to week 1 of the Digital Universes Competition!

To kick off the competition and the first weekly challenge, we're providing you with a MASSIVE set of images for free! You don't have to use these images for your submission, but you'd be crazy not to!

Each week we'll be releasing a new set of images along with the weekly challenge briefing below. These weekly challenges are intended as exercises that challenge a specific technique such as grading, 3D integration or composition and are completely optional to compete in.

The download link is below, keep reading :)

Week 1 Brief


? Week 1 challenge submissions are due Sept 8 11:59 UTC

The theme for this week is Lost In The Wild! We're providing over 150 photos for you to choose from! For this week, focus on exploring ideas and being flexible with the images.  Remember that these weekly challenges are completely optional to compete in; they are there to help get those creative juices flowing and help you get your hands on some Mattepaint.com Goodies!

We want to see your creativity and imagination come to life, so really run with these images and get Lost In The Wild! Try to play with as many ideas as you can and submit your progress to get feedback!

As mentioned in the announcement article these weekly challenges come with 2 prizes for the 2 best entries!

? 1st Place - MattePaint 3-month Artist-Pro Subscription with access to the MattePaint Academy!
? 2nd Place - MattePaint 1-month Artist-Pro Subscription with access to the MattePaint Academy!

Remember that if you submit an entry for one of the weekly challenges, the same entry can't be used for your final monthly submission Grand prize entry!  

We hope you enjoy these images, some of them are huge! Up to 15k wide! You'll have plenty of content to choose from and we're excited to see what you all create!

Get started now and make sure your submission is in by September 8 11:59 UTC if you're entering the weekly prize challenge!

Below are just some of the images we've provided for you this week!

Grand Prize

Remember you can also use the free images released here for your grand prize contest entry! The grand prize does not have a theme, so it's up to you. Each week we'll be revealing more free sets of images! So...get a head-start on your main submission entry now if you are really feeling it!

#MattePaintContest Sept 1-31

If you have any questions, please send them to Competitions@MattePaint.com

Head over and checkout the gallery if you're in need of more photos.

If you need a reminder of the contest rules or specifics, head back to the announcement post!

Good Luck!

The MattePaint Team

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