Digital Favelas 3D Winners!

Meet the winners of the Digital Favela's 3D contest!

Digital Favelas 3D Winners!
The theme for this challenge is Digital Favelas. Artists were provided with 3d models to create a rendered image for the first part of the competition. Winning artworks of this phase will be a base for the second part of the challenge - matte painting!

Three weeks went pretty fast and we got a huge number of outstanding work from you guys, everybody did such an amazing job. Huge thanks to Fabio and Jason from D2 Conferences for helping organize and host the contest!

Now let's see who got their work to be moved to the second stage!

1st Place - Ryan Wai Kin Lam

Joga Bonito by Ryan Wai Kin Lam | Artstation | Instagram

2nd Place - Nuno Silva

Building Dreams by Nuno Silva |

3rd Place - Niccolò Brovelli

A Ginga by Niccolò Brovelli | Instagram

Honourable Mentions - RAULIZAIAS

A Little Piece of Happiness by RAULIZAIAS

Runner Up - Vittorio Bonapace

Home Sweet Home by Vittorio Bonapace | Artstation | Behance

Big congratulations too all  finalists! We hope you'll join us for the second part of the challenge starting next week. To everyone who entered, keep at it and we're certain your submissions will be in the finalists in future!

Watch the Winners Live Streams

Make sure to check out our live stream reveal with our Judges!

D2 + Mattepaint Challenge No.3 - Live Judging
D2 + Mattepaint Challenge No.3 - Winners Interview

We're excited about the 2nd part, launching Monday 1st of March! Get ready, and look out for the live stream on the D2 Channel on Monday!

—  The MattePaint Team