Tracking in Nuke

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Join Oleksiy Golovchenko in this tutorial covering all the kinds of point and camera tracking available in Nuke! During this tutorial you will also learn how to put your tracks to use with projection geometry.

In this series we will cover:

2D Tracking - A basic tracking technique which is incredibly useful when you have camera wobble or a nodal camera move with no parallax.

3D Tracking - This is the main tracking technique most footage will need. With 3D tracking skills you will be able to take any footage and create a 3D camera which matches the real world movement of the camera.

Point clouds and Proxy Geo Generation - By generating a point cloud from your 3D camera track, you can not only position elements better but you can even use this point cloud as basic 3D geometry for your work!

2D to 3D Tracking - Learn how to combine 2D tracking and 3D tracking

With the skills of camera tracking under your belt, you'll be well equipped to start working with moving footage and bring your worlds to life!


  • tracking
  • nuke
  • camera tracking
  • 3d track
  • 2d track

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