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This tutorial covers an incredibly easy way to think about perspective so that you quickly align two images and see if they will work together. It takes out a lot of the guess work in figuring out the correct placement of images in your work.

First, we have a quick look at the 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective, then we look at a few examples of both architectural and natural.

The last video covers a more practical application where you'll recreate a matte painting using the techniques from the video. Make sure to download the exercise assets and try it for yourself!


As you gain more experience, you'll understand where you're able to break the rules and where you aren't. So to start with, follow these rules and stick to them. If you really like a certain area of an image but it just won't fit nicely using this technique, tough! Find another image to use. Trying to force the image to work will only end up frustrating you and ultimately not looking good anyway.


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