Photoshop Quick Tips Part 1

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Welcome to Part 1 of the Photoshop Quick Tips library!

This series has been put together to pass on those "industry secrets" that help professional artists complete their work in record times. The technique's you learn in this series are the result of decades of experience contributed and shared amongst artists during their careers.

This series is organized in such a way that you will progress from the most simple to most complex tips and tricks. In Part 1 we start with looking at customization of Photoshop preferences so that we have the program set up in a way that allows matte painters and concept artists to work more efficiently. We'll then start looking at some basic technique's which many beginner artists are looking to get more understanding of.

As you progress into Part 2 of the series you will notice some more advanced technique's covering things like how to quickly repeat objects into the distance, how to create VFX quality masks of images and how to use the Vanishing Point tool to easily modify or model grid lines for artworks and photography with strong perspective lines.

So let's get started!


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Meet Your Teacher

Conrad Allan

MattePaint Mentor

Tutorial Series

  • Photoshop Setup for MattePainters

    Whether you have your own photoshop preferences already or are a complete beginner, this tutorial covers some of the features and settings which are most useful for Matte Painters and Concept Artists.

  • Photoshop Settings

    These are the settings I personally use while working in VFX studios. The layouts are just what I find the most efficient for the workflow of a matte painter, so it's up to you if you want to follow them.

  • Working in 16bit

    Working in 16bit will give you more control over your artwork and produces a much better final result. Learn how to set up your work for 16bit.

  • Matching Perspectives

    Learn how to match different perspectives from photos and easily align the images in your work so your work always feels fully believable.

  • Content Aware Fill

    The name says it all, use this when you need to patch our areas of an image. This should be your starting point for removing any object. \n

  • Colour Match

    Photoshops "Match Colour" tool will help you match the grade of any layer to another layer. It doesn't do all the work for you, but it can often get you 90% of the way there.

  • Levels and Curves

    Confused about when to use Levels and when to use Curves in Photoshop? Well look no further. This Tutorial will teach you when you should be using Levels and when you should use Curves.

  • Right click context menus

    You probably know about right-clicking in photoshop to bring up the Brush selection panel, but did you know there are several other incredibly useful right-click context menu's?

  • Quick Tips

    This is a combination of a few quick tips and tricks which don't really warrant their own videos. There's a bunch of tips in herea bout masking, selections, painting and brushes.\n

  • Using Select and Mask

    Masking images is one of the most time consuming components of a matte painters process. Often, the quality of your masks can make all the difference between a final artwork looking high-quality or amateur.

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