Mastering Perspectives

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In this series we will cover some of the basics when it comes to Mastering Perspectives as a Matte Painter.

Mastering Perspectives is one of the keystones of artistic fundamentals, but there are many ways in which we are challenged to accomplish the correct perspective in our work. Further, when the perspectives in an image don't match, the whole realism of the image suffers.

Starting with the Matching Perspectives tutorial, this series will teach you how to approach perspectives in your work. No matter your level, there are tricks in this series for everyone to learn!


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Meet Your Teacher

Conrad Allan

MattePaint Mentor

Tutorial Series

  • Matching Perspectives

    Learn how to match different perspectives from photos and easily align the images in your work so your work always feels fully believable.

  • Perspective Repeat

    Repeating objects into the distance, is sometimes time consuming because we have to work out how far the spacing would be, as well as the scale change into the distance.

  • Perspective Warp

    When trying to blend architectural elements with different vanishing point perspectives, it can be tricky to get the perfect alignment, especially in cases where we're dealing with an edge of a building.

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