Magic Beans Farmhouse Challenge

  • Beginner
  • 3 Tutorials
  • 16 Videos
  • 1h 45m 53s
  • English


Work along with Ian Vicknair as he guides you through creating a paint-over from a 3D render, to a concept piece to the final Matte Painting. Use this as a reference for creating your final piece for the Farmhouse Challenge.


  • photoshop
  • artwork
  • cg passes
  • concepting
  • paint over
  • mattepainting
  • focal point
  • matte painting


    photoshop photoshop

Meet Your Teacher

Ian Vicknair

MattePaint Mentor

Tutorial Series

  • Magic Beans Preparing CG Passes and Concepting

    Ian takes us through the CG Passes and Concepting phase of the Farm House Challenge thanks to the Artwork supplied by Tamas Gyerman from the MattePaint Academy.

  • Magic Beans Creating the Matte Painting

    Ian takes us through the process of the paint over and starting to work towards creating the Matte Painting

  • Magic Beans Matte Painting Finishing Touches

    Ian now takes us through adding the finishing touches to the Matte Painting and explains the method of creating a focal point in your work.

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