Digital Matte Painting for Beginners

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When you start learning a completely new discipline or technique without a pre-made course or workshop it is sometimes tricky to know where to start and what to do in your first steps. Hopefully this series will help you to understand “where to look” and “why” in your first steps in Digital Matte Painting.

In this series we will cover the basics of becoming a Digital Matte Painter for beginners. If you're starting out or looking to discover what techniques are required to get yourself a job in the industry these tutorials are a great start.


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  • painting
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Meet Your Teachers

Conrad Allan

MattePaint Mentor

Oleksiy Golovchenko

MattePaint Mentor

Tutorial Series

  • Matching Perspectives

    Learn how to match different perspectives from photos and easily align the images in your work so your work always feels fully believable.

  • Fixing Masked Edges

    When masking out objects from a bright background, you'll often be left with a halo around the image. This is a phenomenon in photography called "lightwrap" and will easily stand out to the trained eye. \n

  • Masking Complex Objects

    Masking objects is a complex task which takes up a lot of time in matte painting. Depending on your subject, it can even take hours to properly mask the object.

  • Colour Match

    Photoshops "Match Colour" tool will help you match the grade of any layer to another layer. It doesn't do all the work for you, but it can often get you 90% of the way there.

  • Content Aware Fill

    The name says it all, use this when you need to patch our areas of an image. This should be your starting point for removing any object. \n

  • Realistic Reflections

    This video takes a different approach, here we decided to record the full process or exploration and troubleshooting so you can gain an insight to how a professional matte painter problem solves a visual issue in the artwork.

  • Relighting Images

    The process of relighting images is pretty straight forward but it requires some understanding of form and light as well as a lot of patience. In this series, Jeevan takes us through all the stages of relighting an image from a keylight.

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