CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

by zoeblackbourn on 25th November 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

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  • Update 4

    Final Update

    Here we are in the final hours of the competition!

    I had some amazing feedback from the judges, but given the time left in the competition, I made the decision to stick with the 3D geo I had, and to avoid relighting the plate, given how much more I wanted to do with it. The final result might not be the most classic example of Cyber Punk out there, but it stays true to the original inspiration!

  • Update 3

    Wip 3

    Adding light and finalizing!

  • Update 2

    Week 2 WIPs

    For this week I chose one of my thumbnails, inspired by a screenshot from from Cyberpunk 2077 s Night City. After creating a rough plate, I used the kitbash set that I retextured to layout the buildings, and then brought them into photoshop.

  • Update 1

    Week 1

    For this first week I gathered ref and inspiration, played around with some grayscale thumbnail collages, building basic compositions, and started re-texturing some assets I would like to use (i did not model them).