New Scape

by vinnie on 2nd December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

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  • Update 8

    New scape

    With the final decision making, I integrated a few ships in the middle ground and in the foreground, to give more strength and life to this beautiful city called a new escape, where people look for new life opportunities if they have been persecuted by war.

    thanks for watching all the process.

    i uses images from mattepaint, pixabay and

  • Update 7

    New scape

    This is my final result, to give it a few more days and adjust a few missing details, already making the cyberpunk mood of a sunset, taking into account that the loot I wanted was thinking or taking into account movies like bladerunner, alita, ghost. in the shell, to be able to obtain a mood in a powerful sunset where the silhouettes of the buildings, the warnings the contrast between warm and cold tones take me to the sensation of tranquility and pure dystopia, with its contamination.

  • Update 6

    New Scape city

  • Update 5

    Start a postproduction

    Make a 16-bit render in 4k size in pixels to start the post-production, thanks to the sketch I defined the shapes of the buildings a little more, now it's time to dress it up with the touch of colors and cyberpunk technology!

  • Update 4


    I made a quick sketch to be able to define distances, light, reflections, shapes and the atmosphere that it will have.

  • Update 3


    Already having the shot I was looking for regarding a good composition, I made two types of renders, one with a dense atmosphere and a few lights to separate some shots and others, the other clean to be able to get specific details in post-production

    ow to make a quick sketch to define the shapes before going into detail

  • Update 2

    Testing atmosphere

    i use a basic fog 3d to saw a different shots i did in keyshot with the light to.

    observing a composition which helps me solve what I am looking for

  • Update 1

    city 3d model

    i did this 3d model of a cyberpunk city