Underground 7Eleven

by tremulo on 2nd December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

At first I was going for a dark underground vibe, with the bright city behind, but I finally decided to go for a more colorful approach because the Nepal pics were awesomely vibrant!

  • Update 7


    I'm sorry! I couldn't apply the feedback in time, this week became rather complicated for me. However, I learned a lot this past 3 weeks, and I'm putting all I learned into my next pieces, I'm thinking about a cool medieval project, let's see how it turns out!

    Thanks for the awesome event!!!

  • Update 6

  • Update 5


    I tried to improve the compo a bit with help from my friend Hugo Ruiz who gave me some ideas, adjusted the lighting on the character and removed the highlight from the wall to the right because it was a bit distracting. Hope it's improved! :)

    Also, my final render for the 3D! In case you're curious.

  • Update 4

    WIP #3! Semi-finished illustration!

    I've been polishing the 3D a bit, getting the final render and using some free assets to get everything together nicely. I'm not entirely sure about the character, but i've been doodling him since the beggining and I kinda like how he looks!

  • Update 3

    WIP #2! 3D Done (kind of...)

    I'm a bit uncertain with some of the colors, and missing the left wall for shadowcatching, and I possibly need some cool lights to create more of a nightly ambiance, but it's getting there! Next up, characters!

  • Update 2

    Almost done with 3D!

    Only lighting left, and then back to Photoshop!

  • Update 1

    WIP #1! The start...

    I loved the Nepal city vibes, so I went ahead with one of the images as my main resource for the compo.

    Now I'm now working on some projection mapping in 3D for the grey part, while deciding the story i want to tell with the characters.