by sergi_iranzo on 13th December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

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  • Update 6


    Finally, after this intense week, I decided to stop here. I feel alright about it; at the end of the day, I learned some stuff which is the important thing...

    Tried to get close to the Idea I had in mind (somewhat misty..). And I also flipped the composition (popular vote) plus I think it helps the flow (left to right).

    The GIF, you guys can see on my Artstation:

    I'm going to take a nap now...

  • Update 5

    Cleaning up

    Just finished adding some things, before the final touch. I keep flipping the canvas, to make sure things are fine...

  • Update 4

    Dear Diary...

    Dec. 14th,

    Throwing pics in; checking what works, what doesn't...

    Dec. 16th,

    Slowly building everything up, this is getting crazy...

    Dec. 17th,

    My photoshop is starting to suffer...

  • Update 3

    Tightening composition

    Next steps, I got a couple of different renders, painted on top of them (ended up going with the popular vote).

    I did this to have a view of what the possible outcome could be...

  • Update 2

    Getting into 3D

    After deciding the direction this project was going to take, I started building a library of assets in Blender. (I gotta get more efficient at this...).

    Once I had enough, I did a very crude and horrible street, which later on would serve as the base.

  • Update 1

    Turning the computer On...

    Greetings!! So here is my project; I started by doing a couple of quick doodles to see what I wanted, as well as referencing some of the big guys like Syd Mead, etc.