by santa on 25th November 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

Cyberpunk setting in futuristic Europe.

  • Update 10

    Final update.

    Hello! :) This is my final update with some changes and a composite sheet! This was a super fun challenge, and probably the most detailed work I have ever done. I have learned a lot with this challenge, and got some great feedback!

    I started my scene with quick thumbnails, where I picked a few and added more story details. Then I blocked out my scene in Blender and used some 3D flower pots from Turbosquid. I overlayed my 3D render with textures in photoshop, and add some of the characters/trucks from "Big Medium Small". The city and most of the holograms are created with MattePaint photos, and some of the additional assets are from the Nomad reference site.

    I hope you like it! Thank you!

  • Update 9

    Final submission

    Final for today! :) There are some things that I still want to fix, but I will leave it for tomorrow.

  • Update 8

    WIP 6

    Getting closer to finishing this challenge submission! Still, a lot of things left to fix with the colors, clouds, car headlights, and values. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

  • Update 7

    WIP 5

    Add more design details and slowly fixing the lights/shadows.

  • Update 6

    WIP 4

    I changed up some elements of composition, as the scene felt too busy. I'm slowly fixing colors/lights, shadows, and atmosphere in the bg.

    The bottom version of the image is a color test that I tried out to see how the image might look with some color grading.

  • Update 5

    WIP 3

    I decided to make a new render base for architecture, so I swapped that and changed some of the foliage in the scene. Now I have to begin fixing scale, colors, textures etc. A lot of work ahead. :D

  • Update 4

    WIP 2

    After spending some time to arrange the scene, I'm finally ready to begin bring in details into the work. I still need to adjust colors, values, lights, add details to cars etc. Most importantly need to overpaint the base 3D render and fix some of the visible geometry issues.

  • Update 3


    Showing some base render and bg images I used for my work. The bottom image is render test to see if the overall scene will look good with the 3D base that I made in Blender.

  • Update 2

    Thumbnails 2

    I decided to pick 3 of my favorite thumbnails, and develop more story/mood in each scene. Also, I integrated some of the 3D assets provided from this weeks contest updates.

  • Update 1


    I'm beginning this challenge with exploring some ideas for possible story setting.