The Aftershock

by ricguimm on 6th December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

Despite technological advancement, cities are overcrowded. The air is toxic. There's a faction with cyber enhancements that allow them to perform super-human tasks, often criminal. They are hunted by government's elite team of mercenaries.

  • Update 6


    Fine tuning in Photoshop, made the hologram guy transparent, adjusted contrast and added some noise. It was really fun doing this!

  • Update 5


    Final adjustments in contrast, saturation and light intensity

  • Update 4


    Added all the lights and power boxes, as well as the holograms

  • Update 3

    More set dressing!

    Adding the hover cars and holograms

  • Update 2

    Cyber slums updated

    A more detailed view of the main block of cyber-slums. Next: the street view

  • Update 1


    A view of the cyber-slums block.