CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

by pozong_huang on 1st December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

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  • Update 6


    Readjusted 3d geo, added smoke and fog, and added more cyberpunk elements.

    Finally join the foreground ship and make the final adjustments.

    Hope you like it~

    Spacecraft model :Ruslan Malovsky

  • Update 5


    Added cyberpunk's neon with a projection, and main buildings.

  • Update 4


    Added some neon lights and signs

  • Update 3


    Added more buildings and some factories

  • Update 2


    Continue to add buildings and put them into the sky.

  • Update 1


    I carefully picked a reference, and simply tilted it horizontally to make the picture wider.

    Then added a few buildings, it seems there is still a lot to play.