CP City

by olivier on 29th November 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

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  • Update 4

    WIP #2

    I have found my composition. Let's photobash little by little. I will refine shapes and lights and shadow way later. I really like my floating little Liberty Statue :) Cheers!

  • Update 3

    Structure and mood

    Quickly, I have blocked some structures for a potential city. Photobash planed way later.

  • Update 2

    1st WIP

    Let's play with the pics and discover what the packages have to offer. Thanks for that actually! nice shots there.

    Not sure if I want day or night, people or not. Not sure if I liked the potential story of those 4 thumbnails. Even if... well, let's find that later. Cheers!

  • Update 1


    Here are some screenshots of what Cyberpunk means to me. I like the colours, the depth, tall things giving you the vertigo, night and/or day, and always something to look at everywhere. No necessarily clustered or unorganised.