Lotus City

by mario_ponton on 2nd December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

A 2D and 3D matte painting inspired by Akira, Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell artwork

  • Update 7

    Lotus City

    This is my final update, I just did a few adjusments and improves because the new deadline update, regards and good luck to everyone!

  • Update 6

    Lotus City

    This is my final image. :)

  • Update 5

    Lotus City

    This is the my final image, It was very awesome to create something for this challenge and I really enjoyed the process. Thank you very much!

  • Update 4

    Matte Painting

    This is my matte paint work

  • Update 3

    Flying Lotus City

    I just added more details before the final comp and matte paint work, regards!

  • Update 2


    I decided to exagerate more the colors, scales and perspectives like on an anime or animated film, also I added more elements, textures and details for get sense of neon lights, contrasts and tone variations, now I'm gonna start to painting.

  • Update 1


    I'm playing with some perspectives, shapes, buildings and lights. basically I want to use many colores and scales, Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner art is my reference and inspiration.