Crib of the Ecumene

by luisesierra on 4th December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

I'll be trying to use the most of the time I have available for this challenge. Let's see how far we can take this (b'u')b

  • Update 4

    Final Submission

    I didn't know what to expect from this challenge: The gathered feedback throughout various channels really helped me on this first Matte Painting attempt, but this is as far as my current skills & time can take it (b'u')b

  • Update 3

    Feedback taken, feedback wanted

    My body shut down yesterday, so I couldn't keep working on it, but I used that day to gather feedback from people whose eyes I trusted regarding this specific piece. (Those lower left shadowy spikes are placeholders, other than that, please hold nothing back, as that's the feedback that can help me the most)

  • Update 2

    Colors and Spikes

    I started using the available resources and working on areas I liked and disliked from the previous upload. My aim is to show the spikes of vegetation and rock formations as nature's reaction to the city above.

    I'll have to turn my brain off and on again to continue working on this.

  • Update 1

    Crib of the Ecumene, First WIP

    I'll be trying to use the most of the time I have available for this challenge, that means decimating a bunch of assets and repurposing as much as possible (b'u')b

    Today I began in Medium, Blender & Krita.