Cyberpunk Contest 2056

by lasma on 30th November 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

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  • Update 8


    There were a few small thigs that bothered me so just a quick final-final update. :) Ty!

  • Update 7

    Cyberpunk shopping spree

    Heya, here's my final final :) Hope you enjoy! Advice on how to make it look more photorealistic always welcome!

  • Update 6


    Hello :) This is my first final for this contest and content sheet.

  • Update 5


    Ghost In The Shell Reference on the right to get the mood right

  • Update 4


    Feedback on composition/ scale/ perspective/ any big changes would be very welcome before I start to clean up the masks and going into holograms, led lights, etc :)

    If I have enough time I'll make the FG run down with grunge and graffiti but my first priority will be to hit the cyber punk feeling with the lights and colours.

    I'm gonna be honest, I had decided I won't participate in the end, but I can't sleep tonight, so I'll give it one last try.

  • Update 3


  • Update 2

    Late Concept

    I have 3 days off so I'll see how far I can take this :)

  • Update 1

    Reference & moodboard

    Colour and mood inspiration from cyberpunk themed movies for reference.