Coast City

by jorge_tobar on 26th November 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

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  • Update 4

    Coast City


    The technology has been taken Coast City, bringing the richness of the depth of the seas to the human eye, giving a marine habitat through large holograms of its most representative species, one of them the blue whale which represents the greatness and majesty of the sea world and the city!

  • Update 3

    WIP - 3

    This city that i called Coast city

    In this one, i added some lights to the buildings, rain, fog and fish holograms ...

    And thinking in add a welcome sign with the city name, maybe add contrast or color correction.

    I still don't know if i should add some shapes in first plane

  • Update 2

    WIP #2

    Adding some lights, shapes and color correction

  • Update 1

    First WIP