Evans Gambit

by jcjuancarlosramosme on 10th December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

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  • Update 6


  • Update 5

    People Painted!

    So the guy was semi-naked because of an issue I couldn't resolve in DAZ so I paint over the rest!

  • Update 4

    3D Model Ready!

    + 3D People modeled on DAZ (the guy is not wearing pants, DAZ issues! Don't look! I need to do a paint over).

    + I finished the 3D Model of the city core.

    + I extended the city favelas on the left mount and modeled 2 huge vertical favelas in the background.

    + Next step, I will paint and refine existing holograms and I will add some old buildings too.

  • Update 3

    Concept Update

    After trying different ideas in the foreground, I decided to place a chess game inspired in the Queen's Gambit show but showing a game of my favorite Chess Aperture, The Evans Gambit! One of the most aggressive and risky game plays you will ever find in chess!

  • Update 2

    City of Tomorrow

    After I modeled the environment I started sketching on top of the image. The main idea was a positive city of tomorrow. A self sustentable city in a dying world.

  • Update 1


    I started with a terrain modeled in Gaea and then a Vray rendering with a look and feel exploration.