Neo Dystopia

by jcbarquet on 19th December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

A moody take on the neo-noir cyberpunk theme, inspired by New York City.

  • Update 4

    Final piece

    The piece was finalized adding details, micro-compositions, and layers of atmosphere in Photoshop and the compositing package Nuke.

    You may find two characters from BMS if you look closely!

  • Update 3

    Photos and 3D

    Using a mix of photos from Mattepaint as well as personal pictures and kitbash 3d models I laid out the scene. I did many iterations to try to find the right balance of scale and dynamism.

  • Update 2

    Color Comp

    Based on various references I painted over a photo I took in NYC to figure out the rough mood and layout.

  • Update 1


    Futuristic Blade Runner-style cityscape. These are initial thumbnail studies.