Cyber Crime Scene

by indystry on 7th December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

Hello, this is Indy, I'm a 3D VFX artist trying to attempt this challenge joining halfway with 14 days to go. I have made quite a few Cyberpunk cityscapes in 3D before but this time I want to try something upclose with my take on a futuristic crime scene!

  • Update 3

    Did quick basic texturing

    Gonna start paintovers now

  • Update 2

    3D Blocking done

    Blocked my scene in 3D. As mentioned before, this strange crime scene is swarming with forensic team. Everyone is baffled, wondering what happened here. From what looks like an unknown weapon of high caliber was discharged that created a circular hole through multiple apartments, completely obliterating every surface in its path.

    I am not good at mattepainting, I would have been much more comfortable texturing the whole scene from ground up in 3D but when you step out of your comfort zone is when you learn. Going to maybe add couple props but that's it, time to bash in images and fill the scene with tiny little details. Wish me luck!

  • Update 1

    Crime Scene MoodBoard

    Hello! Please ignore my terrible doodling skills, I am more of a 3D artist than 2D. What I have drawn is this grimy grungy looking apartment in a dark crime infested futuristic world, high up above, with the balocny and inside the apartment full of cops, forensic teams, drones and all as they investigate a crime scene. I might have drawn the angle too tight, might be wider in the final so you can see below and gauge how high up we are. The outside of the building would be covered with signs, ac and other building props. Drones would be shining light on the crime. Pretty ambitious for me to finish this in 14 days but fingers crossed gotta put in the work! :)