by dariusdraws on 26th November 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

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  • Update 6


    Hi everyone, here's my final piece for the event. It's my first time trying his workflow. Had a lot of fun and learnt a lot in the process. I used some photos from the Canada and New York Pack that was given as well as some assets from Ian Hubert and Turbosquid. I am not sure how to upload a Gif file so I have provided screenshots of some of the layers I have kept. Thanks for looking and thank you so much for hosting the event!

    Process Gif can be found below.

  • Update 5

    WIP 5

    Added some assets from Turbosquid and Ian Hubert to populate the scene

  • Update 4

    Update 4

    Added some textures using the photopack given on the 1st week

  • Update 3

    Week 3 Updates #1

  • Update 2

    Week 2 Updates

    Did some massing studies and kitbashing.

  • Update 1

    Week 1 Updates

    Exploring some compositions just to jumpstart some ideas.