by billoni on 25th November 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

Greedy, needy Must we have more

  • Update 9


    Fine tuning and painting elements. And that's a wrap for CYBERPUNK challenge. The old city lays down, under the new city floor. Building remains that poor people still live there, energy factories that use materials from the abandoned neighborhoods, young people that looking from distance the walled new metropolis as the first "building from future", able to withstand the ferocious weather phenomena, emerged.

    Technically it was a huge challenge to create a city from scratch without using ready city models or photos. Procedural texturing was used for texturing windows and several texture layers for matrix adds and holograms. I knew that going for full detail with a limited amount of free time and with a huge scene scale was not viable. So I decided to play with values, light sources, silhouettes and atmospheres to give the feeling of a cyber-glam metropolis. That's why my color tones are pale pinks and cyans and not the usual purples and blues. For the dull world under the city, yellow tones make the environment moody.

    Not sure why I placed Chinese adds. I suppose because "everyone uses Chinese adds on cyberpunk envs" :D .

    The more I check the more I see that can be refined, so I will stop watching. :)

    Thank you for checking.

  • Update 8


    This is my final submission. It was a nice journey with really many many daily working hours in order to fit the challenge into my routine. But it was great. Thank you MattePaint for giving us the opportunity to push the limits.

  • Update 7

    Week 2 / Painting

    Week #2 starts with painting over geometries at 8k. Serious amount of work to be done for a vast scene.

  • Update 6

    Basic concept finished

    All the basic pieces together to start establishing the basic concept. That's a wrap for week #1

  • Update 5

    Asset building ended

    Last 3d asset was greeble city blocks.

    I have created several sizes and volumes. This will help with the precise scaling I want to achieve. Also I gathered the photo refs that I will be using for this first stage. Thank you for watching.

  • Update 4

    Camera angle locked

    After some experiments, the camera position and the basic blocking of the "ManUNkind" locked. Booleans and slices are too visible but will be painted on top during the process. Next part will be the modeling and placement of the city behind. Thank you for watching. Hope you enjoying.

  • Update 3

    Scene blocking

    I have taken slices and booleans from the main tower object and placed them around, rotated and scaled in several directions, in order to start creating the world around the TOWER. I was really OK with the form and shape of it and didn't wanted to do extra modeling. Also a river will have its position in the depth of the terrain which will be created in two levels (for now).

  • Update 2

    Model remodel

    I have decided to brake main model symmetry. Added extra volumes. Also started working on the overall idea.

    The city creation initiated by creating the map for the city blocks. Map that will be used as template, is Paris.

    Scene dimensions 3*4 km. I want to go full scale and work at 8k. More details to come.

  • Update 1

    Day 1 / Building assets

    Main thought is to create an Eiffel like tower as main asset and then start building a world around. Inspiration came from science fiction weaponry. Some basic parts modeled with box and spline modeling and then mirrored to give the depth. Not sure where it will take me, but already feels nice. The geometry will be painted on top, with photoshop. I don't want to spend time on unwrapping, shading, texturing. Only basic stuff from 3D.