by _van_ on 18th December 2020 for CYBERPUNK Contest 2020

The future is undocumented. Today's bug can be tomorrow's feature.

  • Update 5

    Final artwork

    Finalising details and adding more depth for the final artwork!

  • Update 4

    Adding more details

    Adding more details and adjusting the composition to get the right mood.

  • Update 3

    Place photos into composition

    Based off one of the thumbnails developed for composition, suitable photos are selected and put together to gradually build up the piece.

    Free 3D model for Tesla police truck downloaded from (creative commons license)

  • Update 2

    Exploring Composition

    Trying out different compositions and mood by making grayscale thumbnail-sized composition pieces.

  • Update 1

    Gather references

    Pulling in references from a variety of sources to get a general feel and mood for the piece.