The MattePaint
DMP Course

Join our intensive online matte painting course recorded by MattePaint CEO and Co-founder, Conrad Allan, and Ubisoft Environment Supervisor Oleksiy Golovchenko. The MattePaint Course is designed to prepare artists for a role as Junior Matte Painter in a VFX studio and this new self-guided format gives you 16 weeks access to complete all the course content.


16 weeks of access + 12 months
Artist-Plus subscription worth over $300!

  • Photoshop
  • Nuke
  • Maya
  • Composition
  • Matte Painting
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop
  • Computer Graphics
  • Maya
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Portfolio
  • Workflows

What You'll Learn

We have worked closely with studios around the world to develop a curriculum which addresses the main shortfalls in junior artist skills.

Week 1

Basic DMP Part 1

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What You'll Build

We have created a range of exercises to ensure you have adequate practice each week and each exercise is designed to build on the previous one.

  • Plate clean-up, plate extensions and grading

  • Full 2D Landscape Environment + CG Integration

  • Plate footage extensions and animation shot (3D track and multi-projection setup)

  • Advanced extensions, using camera matching

  • 2.5D Projection Setup (nodal camera and 2D tracks)

  • Camera tracking and full 360 sky replacement

“If they are in a condition where they are stuck with their career or want to improve to level up, I personally highly recommend this course to get going. I got a job midway through this course with Technicolor India.”
Saurabh Fuke

Matte Painter at MPC

12 Week Lesson Plan

Right from Week 1, you will be completing real-world exercises and will learn how to complete them to an industry level standard.

    • Preview
    • 4 Lectures
    • Project Files (3)

    Week 1 - Basic DMP Part 1

    • Preview
    • 4 Lectures
    • Project Files (3)

    Week 2 - Basic DMP Part 2

    • Preview
    • 3 Lectures
    • Project Files (1)

    Week 3 - Artistic Fundamentals for Matte Painters

Join Hundreds of Students Today

See what some of our students have to say and check out their work!

  • Angeliki Maria Gkaleridi

    Matte Painter at Windmill Lane

    “Everyone I spoke to suggested I do this course. When I spoke with Conrad he was very helpful and explained to me all the details I wanted to learn. All this made me trust more in MattePaint and choose to do the course and I’m so happy I did!”

  • Sam Cleall

    Matte Painter at PIXOMONDO

    “I was worried when starting the course with little to no experience in Photoshop, but can honestly say now I have finished the course, I feel extremely confident in accomplishing a digital matte painting that is geared more towards realism...”

  • Victor Pietrzykowski

    Matte Painter at MPC

    “Honestly, I don't think another matte painting course so close to the reality of work of a matte painter in studio exists. In this course we mainly focus on the actual tasks requested within a studio and this is what allows subsequently to have a demo...”

  • Rick Kamp

    Matte Painter at One of Us

    “If you are in doubt because you think you already got the skills, do it. You will learn to finish your work on a whole other level and learn new techniques in all kind of different areas.”

  • Diogo Sampaio

    Matte Painter at Glimpse VFX

    "If you want to become a matte painter, this is the course for you! Here you can find professionals teaching you and following you step by step in all the journey. “

  • Mario Aarna

    Matte Painter at MPC

    “I have recommended the course to a few people already, but I would say that you will learn a lot if you took this course. I have definitely leveled up quite a bit during the 12 weeks.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get feedback on my work?

    Yes! While the self-guided course doesn’t have official feedback, we encourage you to share your work in our discord server for feedback.

  • Can I progress at my own pace?

    Yes, when you sign up you will get access to the entire 12 weeks worth of content and you can learn as fast as you like. However, please be aware that the videos aren’t available forever.

  • Do I have access to the videos forever?

    No, access to the videos is given for a set number of weeks. After that date the videos will not be viewable. We encourage you to sign up for the course when you know you will have time to commit to the content, as there are a lot of assignments and content each week.

  • What if I get stuck?

    If you get stuck, you can take a look at the live stream recordings from the previous terms. These recordings are great as the questions asked are often the same issues experienced by students.If that isn’t enough, there are over 60 students who have gone through the course and are now actively part of our Discord Community, the are more than happy to help along with Conrad and Oleksiy who are active in the server too.