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      • Blender
      • Photoshop
      • Nuke
      • Grading
      • Lighting
      • Perspective
      • Masking
      3D Modeling 2h 34m 13s

      Introduction to Terrain Building

      3D Modeling 26m 19s

      Camera Matching with fSpy

      interview 21m 23s

      Common Mistakes Junior Artists Make

      interview 17m 35s

      What to expect in your first 4 weeks in VFX

      Interview 14m 19s

      What Is The Purpose Of The Interview Process

      Interview 12m 25s

      How To Get The Attention Of A VFX Studio

      Interview 4m 37s

      What Makes A Good Junior Showreel & Portfolio

      Fundamentals 11m 18s

      Studio Structure - Part 1

      Nuke 9m 59s

      Un-projecting A Skydome

      Nuke 10m 51s

      Basic Skydome Setup In Nuke

      3D Modeling 29m 26s

      Using Gaea Terrain Maps

      Quick Tips 2m 54s

      How To Quickly Fix Mask Edges

      3D Modeling 24m 57s

      Intro To Terrain Creation - Part 1

      Photoshop 10m 28s

      How To "Check Your Levels"

      Modeling 21m 05s

      Introduction To Camera Matching In fSpy

      Photoshop 14m 40s

      Frequency Separation

      Photoshop 11m 52s

      Advanced Grading With Curves

      Photoshop 9m 41s

      Merge vs Blend - Part 1

      Photoshop 9m 06s

      Photoshop Layer Styles For Artists

      Quick Tips 3m 58s

      Clipping To Folders In Photoshop

      Fundamentals 5m 33s

      Fundamentals of Color

      Photoshop 2m 49s

      Photoshop Brush Panel Setup

      Photoshop 9m 41s

      Pen Tool - Part 1

      Photoshop 18m 20s

      Edges, Halo And Lightwrap

      photoshop 8m 09s

      How To Check Your Layer Alpha's

      Nuke 1h 59m 49s

      Tracking in Nuke

      photoshop 5m 25s

      Create Perfect Masks with 'Selective Colour'

      Photoshop 4m 10s

      Perspective Warp

      Photoshop 22m 06s

      Photoshop Setup for MattePainters

      Nuke 51m 33s

      Nuke for Beginners

      Photoshop 1h 16m 29s

      Cyberpunk Photobashing Part 3

      Photoshop 50m 45s

      Cyberpunk Photobashing Part 2

      Photoshop 43m 38s

      Cyberpunk Photobashing Part 1

      Photoshop 10m 33s

      Using Select and Mask

      Photoshop 5m 41s

      Right click context menus

      Photoshop 5m 46s

      Levels and Curves

      Nuke 27m 02s

      Useful Nuke Nodes

      Photoshop 40m 35s

      Magic Beans Matte Painting Finishing Touches

      Photoshop 40m 01s

      Magic Beans Creating the Matte Painting

      Photoshop 25m 17s

      Magic Beans Preparing CG Passes and Concepting

      Photoshop 18m 40s

      Matching Perspectives

      Photoshop 9m 38s

      Working in 16bit

      Blender 8m 50s

      Lighting & Rendering

      Blender 17m 14s

      Assembling a Scene

      Blender 26m 18s

      Texturing & Shading

      Blender 40m 45s

      UV Mapping

      Blender 1h 04m 59s

      Advanced Modelling Techniques

      Blender 1h 10m 16s

      3D Modelling in Blender

      Blender 17m 06s

      Intro to Blender

      Photoshop 24m 21s

      Winter Conversion Techniques

      Photoshop 17m 38s

      Creating Custom Shapes in Photoshop

      Photoshop 35m 32s

      Using CG Passes

      Nuke 27m 47s

      Projecting on Cards in Nuke

      Nuke 46m 03s

      Advanced Camera Projections in Nuke

      Nuke 12m 38s

      Reformatting Images in Nuke

      Nuke 18m 35s

      Camera Tracking in Nuke

      Photoshop 38m 53s

      Relighting Images

      Photoshop 5m 14s

      Auto-Blend Layers

      Photoshop 13m 44s

      Replace Reflections with Liquify

      Photoshop 22m 40s

      Halfway to Black

      Photoshop 4m 11s

      Non Destructive Blur

      Photoshop 8m 08s

      Quick Tips

      Photoshop 1h 22m 21s

      Realistic Reflections

      Photoshop 9m 38s

      Photoshop Settings

      Photoshop 1m 39s

      Content Aware Fill

      Photoshop 22m 02s

      Vanishing Point Tool

      Photoshop 4m 41s

      Fixing Masked Edges

      Photoshop 10m 29s

      Perspective Repeat

      Photoshop 4m 49s

      Masking Complex Objects

      Photoshop 12m 42s

      Dynamic Masking

      Photoshop 9m 25s

      Colour Match

      Photoshop 25m 16s

      Deconstructing Light

      Photoshop 30m 56s

      Window Lights At Night

      Photoshop 5m 33s

      Photoshop Artboards