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Mattepaint is built for teams at scale with lighting fast search and RAW asset delivery.

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100,000+ Assets

Find the right assets faster on Mattepaint.

Stop your artists waisting hours looking for the perfect image. Access thousands of photographs of Mountains, Valleys, Skies, Cities, Deserts and more, all shot at different times of the day.

The MattePaint team are VFX veterans, every photo is shot with purpose and understanding of the VFX pipeline.

32bit EXR | 16bit RAW

Stop using Low-quality 8bit JPG’s in your productions.

Unlike other platforms, all our assets are calibrated to a neutral grade with no clipping and are available as 32bit EXR or 16bit RAW files you won’t find anywhere else.

Get access to world-class images, save time, focus on creativity and increase quality.

Risk-Free Copyright

Mattepaint offers a copyright-free asset delivery contracts.

We've got your back when it comes to delivering Mattepaint assets to your clients. We take the hassle and time out of worrying what assets you can and cannot deliver to your clients in the final production delivery.

Your artists can relax and production can rest at ease knowing that Mattepaint has a risk-free copyright solution now and for future works.

“The service that MattePaint offers is second to none for photo resources for professional Matte Painters and Environment Artists.”
Nick MarshallDirector Of Visual Effects, DNEG
Ant-Man and the Wasp

Image Courtesy of DNEG © 2018 MARVEL


MattePaint provides your artists with a unique multi-resolution RAW format, 50k sequenced 360° HDRI's, masked assets and more! Check out the video for more.